10 Best Jobs Between Now and 2018 (Part 2)

Published: 03rd March 2010
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Part 2 of the 10 Best Jobs Between Now and 2018 lists the five best jobs. As mentioned previously, high school students and undergraduate college students may want to get a jump start at one of the careers listed below. If a student feels that one of the following jobs is ideal for them, the sooner they familiarize themselves with the necessary skill set, the more likely they are to stand out amongst other job candidates.

The following list of five best jobs is formed from a study performed by U.S. News based on the Labor Department's brand new job growth projections through to 2018. Here are the leading five jobs anticipated to experience significant growth, listed from fifth to first.

# 5 Firefighter - There is expected to be steady growth in this field through 2018. In fact, jobs are expected to grow nearly 19 percent; however, this is a highly desired, recession-proof, job with excellent benefits and many competing job applicants.

# 4 Computer Software Engineer - This is one job sector where jobs will be plentiful, a whopping 295,000-plus jobs--plentiful. That's an increase of more than 32 percent by 2018. This field expands with corporate growth and the never ending growth in technology.

# 3 Meteorologist - Believe it or not, but there is expected to be a significant amount of growth, nearly 15 percent, or about 1,400 jobs. This is a well-paying field and job applicants will greatly benefit if they've studied meteorology.

# 2 Veterinarian - Being a veterinarian can be a very rewarding career choice. There is an anticipated growth rate of 33 percent, or 19,700 jobs by 2018. In 2008, there was an estimated 90,000 veterinarians, according to industry data.

# 1 X-Ray Technician - It is predicted that the "baby boomer" generation will cause a significant rise in diagnostic imaging, therefore driving up the demand for X-ray technicians. There were an estimated 215,000 radiologic technologists and technicians in 2008, and growth through to 2018 is expected to be around 17 percent, to just over a quarter of a million positions.

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